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Labels: MuSick Recordings, Ipecac Recordings, Solnze Records, Gitaracula Records


new album
Taste The Blood of Guitaracula (2017) MuSick Recordings

Spooky Hook (2016) Gitaracula Records
The Incredible Crocotiger (2015) Gitaracula Records
Church Of Reverb (2013) Gitaracula Records
Surf raiders from the Swamp lagoon (2011) Gitaracula Records
Bermuda 66 (2010) Gitaracula Records
Heretic Channel (2009) CD/LP Solnze Records , CopaseDisques
Best of The Best (2008) LP/CD CopaseDisques
Zombie Shopping (2007)CD Solnze Records
Vamp Babes Upgrade Version 2004 (2004)CD
Crazy Price (2005)CD Ipecac Recordings
Hyena Safari (2005)CD Solnze Records
Vamp Babes Upgrade Version 2004 (2004)CD Solnze Records
Crazy Price (2003)CD Solnze Records
The Best Of Messer Chups: Cocktail Draculina (2002)CD Solnze Records
Black Black Magic (2002)CD Solnze Records
Vamp Babes (2000)MC,CD Solnze Records
Bride Of The Atom (2000)MC,CD
Miss Libido (2000)MC,CD
Chudovishe & Chudovishe (Beast and the Beast)(aka Monster & Monster) (1999)MC,CD Solnze Records





“Embracing elements of decadent capitalism that even most Westerners would shy away from, zany Russian lounge mutant Oleg Gitarkin plays twangy sci-fi music for people who know that the future actually happened over 40 years ago… This is the start of the Leatherette Revolution.” (THE WIRE).

Messer Chups is the project of Russian composer Oleg Gitarkin, and while the band’s instrumental rock is hard to neatly categorize, it’s safe to say that it would be enjoyed by fans of rockabilly, horror punk, scratchy surf records, Italian slasher films, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, pulp fiction, lounge music, Ed Wood, the theremin, the Cramps, Russ Meyer movies.” Gitarkin incorporates all of these elements and more, layering samples from Russian B-movies over weird vintage keyboard chirps and groovy horn loops. Messer Chups have already released over a half dozen albums and a greatest hits collection, which is a little extreme unless you’re a diehard fan of this kind of stuff.www.graveconcernsezine.com

“If Tom Waits and Add N to (X) covered the Munsters theme, hit the syrup and went crazy Soviet-Bloc electro, it would sound like European surf loungers Messer Chups. Their latest features rickety Moog-playing, creaky bass and echo guitar. All that — and suspenseful voice samples — just sort of floats over beats ranging from modestly funky (nearly hip-hop) to driving, Dick Dale suspense. It feels like the soundtrack to the best Halloween party ever; strange voices enter and leave the mix, and you can’t tell if they’re being scary or just kidding. Give Tarantino two years and these guys will score all of his movies. “ (By Adam Bulger – October 20, 2005 www.hartfordadvocate.com

“Imagine Ed Wood meets Davie Allen & The Arrows, and they go to a covert Soviet-era studio on the moon. Maybe they bring along Lux Interior of The Cramps for the ride. And a theremin. Strange sounds emerge and are broadcast in Eastern Europe on scratchy old radios. People listen and begin to dance in strange formations. Then they all turn into vampires, or huge flesh-eating robots, and destroy America and Western Europe to the tune of this entrancing, psychotic beat. Or something.
That’s Messer Chups. They hail from Russia, but beyond that, these spy-surf-horror space cadets remain largely shrouded in mystery. Cloaked in prehistoric Soviet analog synth sounds, their enigmatic catalog of hits features a retro style that has as much to do with scratchy old vampire films from the ‘60s as it does with easy listening and surf styles”. Ipecac Recordings Releases





new album
Taste The Blood of Guitaracula (2017) MuSick Recordings